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My experience volunteering on the Appalachian Trail

A few weeks ago, I spent the day volunteering on the Appalachian Trail in PA.

Appalachian trail

We met at the trailhead and after signing some papers, headed a little down the trail and then off the path to dismantle a shelter that someone had made and abandoned. Obviously, this was against LNT!

We dismantled the shelter and dispersed the rocks and wood used as well as packed up and out the trash.

Once that was over, we divided and conquered. Half the team went to dig swales to help direct the flow of rainwater on the new trail and my team went to work on rerouting a section.

We had to do this because of heavy rainfall, and this particular section of the trail had flooded. That meant hikers were walking around the trail since it was almost a river at that point and this basically created a spider web of outshoots.

So we piled up sticks and branches to block it off as well as filing off any remaining white blazes.

It was a lot of fun to give back to a trail that has already given me so much and how wonderful to spend the day with likeminded people who love the trail too! Some of these amazing volunteers have been volunteering for over 20 years!!

This was the last volunteer opportunity in my area because of the winter but I look forward to spending more time doing this 2021!







.**Everyone wore masks the entire time, were 6 feet apart, and we're outside!**

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