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FREE Printable - Appalachian Trail Hiking Scavenger Hunt

I grew up close to the Appalachian Trail and that’s where my first ever backpacking trip took place.

Long story short, that trip sparked within me a passion for both the AT and of backpacking.

Now, I feel it is my mission is to inspire a love of the Appalachian Trail in the next generation so it can be here for years to come.

Why we should inspire a love of the AT in children:

  • Protect the trail itself and the wonderful and unique views

  • Keep it wild

  • Inspire future volunteers and stewards

  • Preserve this piece of history

  • Allow future generations to walk the same path

How we can inspire a love of the AT:

  • Share personal stories, pictures, and the importance of the trail

  • Share its rich history

  • Incorporate your love of the AT in day to day conversations

  • Utilize this free printable on your next hike (peep the white blaze!)

Love the AT?

(It’s not just for parents!)

hunting scavengerhunt
Download PDF • 484KB

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